About TADH

Taiwanese Association for Digital Humanity (TADH) is a non-profit association which was founded in 2016. TADH is the outcome in response to the need of a professional organization to strengthen the digital humanities research communities in Taiwan. In 2015, 47 academic scholars in digital humanities were gathered and signed up for the establishment of a Taiwanese professional organization and later a founding member committee was elected to further the process. The Taiwanese Association for Digital Humanities was officially established after the constitutional articles were approved by the participating members of the First General Meeting on April 24, 2016. TADH by-law [pdf]


  1. Promoting digital humanities research in Taiwan
  2. Engaging digital humanities in higher education and professional training
  3. Bridging collaboration with international digital humanities research communities
  4. Supporting digital humanities publications
  5. Facilitating conferences and academic activities in digital humanities
  6. Advocating for digital humanities education and research recognition in Taiwan


2019-03-29  7th Executive Board / Auditors Meeting

2018-12-20  4th General Meeting

2018-12-18  the 9th International Digital Archives and Digital Humanities Conference (Co-host)

2018-11-08 6th Executive Board / Auditors Meeting

2018-04-20 5th Executive Board / Auditors Meeting

2018-03-31 Registration of Juridical Association

2017-11-30  the 8th International Digital Archives and Digital Humanities Conference (Co-host)

2017-11-02 4th Executive Board / Auditors Meeting

2017-01-05 3rd Executive Board Meeting

2016-12-01 the 7th International Digital Archives and Digital Humanities Conference (Co-host)

2016-10-03 2nd Executive Board / Auditors Meeting

2016-07-15 Registration of Organization Name and Tax ID

2016-05-05 1st Executive Board / Auditors Meeting

(Proposing & Approval of Annual Working Plan)

2016-04-24 Inauguration and 1st General Meeting

(Executive Board Members and Auditors Elected)

2016-03-06 2nd Founding Member Committee Meeting

(Recruiting Members Reviewed and Approved)

2016-03-03 Deadline for Membership Recruitment

2016-02-02 Founding Member Committee Elected and 1st Meeting

2016-01-12 Establishment of TADH Approved by MOE to Process

2015-09-16 Sign-up for Applying the Establishment of TADH