Journal of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities Vol. 9

數位典藏與數位人文期刊 第九期

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This volume contains seven articles.

Author: 洪一梅(I-mei Hung)
Title: 「DocuSky數位人文學術研究平台」專刊導言
English Title: Preface: DocuSky Collaboration Platform

Authors: 黃志揚(Chih-Yang Huang) ; 項潔(Jieh Hsiang) ; 杜協昌(Hsieh-Chang Tu)
Title: DocuWidgets:DocuSky的改良開發工具
English Title: DocuWidgets: Enhanced Toolkits for DocuSky

Author: 陳冠霖(Chen, Kuan-lin)
Title: 《朝鮮王朝實錄》在DocuSky數位人文學術研究平台上的移植及意義
English Title: The Porting and Significance of Veritable Records of the Joseon Dynasty on the DocuSky Collaboration Platform

Author: 杜協昌(Hsieh-Chang Tu)
Title: 一個數位人文內容研究的文本擷詞工具
English Title: A Text-Term Extractor for the Study of Digital Humanities

Author: 賴思頻(Sih-Pin Lai)
Title: 以DocuXML格式實現多文本間的對讀
English Title: Aligned Reading With DocuXML Format

Author: 胡其瑞(Chijui Hu)
Title: 批次標記工具的理念與實踐:以DocuSky批次標記工具標記和合本《聖經》為例
English Title: Batch Tagging Tool of DocuSky: A Case Study of Bible

Author: 曹德啟(Te-Chi Tsao)
Title: 以DocuSky平臺閱讀《洛陽伽藍記》
English Title: Reading of The Record of Monasteries in Luoyang by Using DocuSky


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