Journal of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities Vol. 8

數位典藏與數位人文期刊 第八期

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This volume contains four articles.

Authors: 韓怡臻(Yi-Chen Han) ; 柯皓仁(Hao-Ren Ke)
Title: 應用自動文字探勘於臺灣中文饒舌音樂歌詞之研究
English Title: A Study on Text Mining of Chinese Rap Music in Taiwan

Authors: 鄭碩(Shuo Zheng) ; 張隆志(Lung-chih Chang)
Title: 再探公立臺中中學校建校運動:以捐款人群體為核心的觀察
English Title: Revisiting Taichu Middle School Establishing Campaign: An Observation Focus on the Donors

Authors: 葉秋杏(Chiou-shing Yeh) ; 賴惠玲(Huei-ling Lai) ; 劉吉軒(Jyi-Shane Liu)
Title: 臺灣客語語料庫建置與客語詞彙使用初探
English Title: The Construction of Taiwan Hakka Corpus and Preliminary Analysis of Hakka Lexical Usage

Authors: 洪振洲(Jen-Jou Hung) ; 李志賢(CHIH-HSIEN, LI)
Title: 以佛學研究需求為核心的線上對讀工具需求分析及系統實作與評估
English Title: A Requirement Analysis and the Implementation and Evaluation of an Online Parallel Corpus Editing Tool Based on Research Needs in Buddhist Textual Studies


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