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Journal of Digital Archives and Digital Humanities

April 2018 Number 1  Contents

Editorial for the Inaugural Issue: From Digital Archiving to Digital Humanities/Jieh Hsiang

  • Perspective

The Humanities and the Digital Humanities in Higher Education/Peter K. Bol

  • Research Paper

Toward Linking Open Data, Synchronizing Digital Tools, and Mapping Relevant Topics: A Survey of the Series on Digital Humanities/Chao-Lin Liu

Computational Thinking and Implications for Digital Humanities Research/Jyi-Shane Liu

From Text to Data: Extracting Posting Data from Chinese Local Gazetteers/Wai-Him Pang, Hui Cheng, Shih-Pei Chen

The Digital Humanities Research of the Landscape Painting of the Five Dynasties and Northern Song Dynasty (2): A Study of the “Fisherman-Hermit” Theme in Painting /Ping Wang, Liang Niu, Guan-Tao Jin, Qing-Feng Liu

  • Database Introduction

CBETA Research Platform : A Digital Tool for Studying Chinese Buddhist Texts in the New Era /Jen-Jou Hung

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